Thankful for Our Community for Giving Tuesday Generosity

Our mission at Arubah Community Clinic is to provide care with dignity to restore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of those uninsured in the Collinsville and Owasso area. Every day, we work to continue this mission so our community can live a more prosperous life. Our community has been deeply impacted by the pandemic, COVID-19, that has swept the nation. A global threat like this touches every person on the planet, and it presents an opportunity to come together as a global community to impact those in our local communities.

Because of COVID-19, the preemptive measures needed were put in place to accurately fight this disease. We invited you to join us for our Giving Tuesday Now campaign on May 5th in response to combatting this pandemic with safe healthcare for our community. For just a $35 donation we are able to provide a free healthcare screening for someone in need. Our campaign was met with an amazing response. As the day began, donations began pouring in from every direction steadily taking us closer and closer to our goal of $1,500. We truly came together for and made an impact on this global day of giving.

Mid-way through the day an anonymous donor offered to match every dollar given up to $3,000! This was amazing news; donations were able to go further than ever before. Each donation would allow more of our neighbors, friends, and family members to receive the healthcare they need, all at no cost.

At the close of the campaign, we were truly overwhelmed at the generosity of our community. Together, we were able to raise $4,995! That’s over 142 office visits donated to those in need. We believe a prosperous life begins with the health and wellness of ourselves and our community. Thank you to everyone that helped us by sharing posts and emails, praying, encouraging us, and donating. We see you and are so thankful for your support. We can better serve our community because of your generosity!

Thank You for participating in Giving Tuesday Now with Arubah Community Clinic.