Join Our Generosity Movement on #GivingTuesday

This GivingTuesday, Arubah Community Clinic will inspire generosity by spreading the power of laughter and raising money to help support our community.

Our team at Arubah Community Clinic believes that a good laugh is the first step on the journey to a healthy life. Our clinic will be open on GivingTuesday providing care to those who need it. Extra-special on this day is the opportunity to spread laughter and holiday cheer by sharing something that you know will make someone else laugh or happy! Share a joke, a compliment, or your favorite Bible verse with us by messaging us on Facebook! If you’re in the clinic, drop them in our compliment box! You might see yours featured on our social media feeds.

This year, we’ve also set a goal of raising $1500 through our GivingTuesday fundraising efforts. All donations will be accepted through Facebook, as this year they are removing all credit card processing fees. That means we will receive 100% of the donation you make. Facebook is also selecting non-profits at random to match donations, so your impact may be doubled if we are selected.

“This GivingTuesday, we’re trying to showcase the impact that laughter has on our community and health. People don’t usually come to a free clinic because they’re feeling at the top of their game, but we want them to leave happier and healthier, and of course, with a smile on their face,” said Arubah Community Clinic founder, Hilary Nicholson. “We hope those who are fortunate to have extra funds on GivingTuesday will consider donating to the clinic, as this will help us continue to serve our community with top-quality care.”

We invite you to stop by and share a laugh with us––we’d love to see you.

Give the Gift of Health on GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and their world. GivingTuesday will kick off the generosity season this year by inspiring people to give back on December 3rd, and throughout the year.

“GivingTuesday inspires people all around the world to embrace their power to drive progress around the causes they care about, not just on one day but throughout the year,” said Asha Curran, GivingTuesday’s CEO, and co-founder. “With country and community leaders, millions of organizations, and countless givers of all kinds, GivingTuesday is creating a shared space where we can see the radical implications of a more generous world.”    

Donate to Arubah Community Clinic’s GivingTuesday fundraiser on Facebook.