Volunteers/Donations Questions:

I’m not certified in the medical field but want to help, how do I get involved?

Arubah has many opportunities for you to volunteer; in fact, many of them do NOT require you to have any medical expertise.   Patient Care Volunteers provide direct health care to patients and Patient Support Volunteers give of their time in supporting and furthering the clinic’s mission without providing direct health care.



How do I make a financial contribution?

Thanks for your interest in supporting Arubah. There are a variety of easy ways to help support Arubah. You can donate online, by phone, at the clinic, and by mail.


Will you provide tax documentation/statements with my financial contribution?

Yes. Upon receiving your donation we will send you a confirmation letter and donation receipt within 2 weeks. You will also receive an end of the year giving statement. Arubah is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.


Can I designate where my financial contribution is utilized?

Yes. We provide a ‘Wish List’ of items. You are welcome to designate funds directly towards any of these items. If you have interest in specific items other than those listed on our wish list – feel free to contact us to discuss details.


Patient Questions:

 What is the best way to make contact with Arubah?

Due to the high volume of interest, the best way to help our team respond in prompt fashion is to e-mail us at   info [at] arubahclinic [dot] com

What days/hours is the clinic open?

Mondays             6-8 pm

Thursdays           6-8 pm

Third Saturday of the Month 9 am – noon

We plan to increase our days and times in proportion to the need and our volunteer medical staff availability.


Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointments are needed.


What if I can’t pay?

No problem. All our services are provided for free, but a donation is appreciated.


What if I need prescriptions?

We will primarily be utilizing free or reduced cost medications provided by local pharmacies.  In the event that you have a chronic condition that requires monthly medications and you need assistance, we will assist you in filing for Prescription Assistance Programs (PAP) for you monthly medications.


Do you offer prenatal services?

We have partnered with the Owasso Pregnancy Resource Center for all prenatal services.


What age groups do you treat?

All ages.


I don’t live in Owasso or Collinsville, can I still be seen?

Yes, our mission is Owasso/ Collinsville but at this time we do not limit services based on residence.